SmartMix Salon Mixing System - Save Colour Waste

The New Way To Mix Hair Colour

SmartMix is an intelligent app that;

Eliminates hair colour waste

Streamlines stock control
Automates clients records
Promotes accurate billing

SmartMix is an intelligent app that;

Eliminates hair colour waste

Streamlines stock control
Automates clients records
Promotes accurate billing

Research shows that salons generally charge 8% for the colour product used within their labour charge and yet they are actually using 12% upwards.

The SmartMix portal sends the translation of grams of colour mixed into £’s to your till screen or mobile so that you can charge for exactly the quantity of colour used for a mix. Stop absorbing this cost and enjoy running your colour bar efficiently!

The added advantage of this feature is that services that have been rendered can also be sent to the till screen so that costly additives such as Olaplex don’t get forgotten.

Inaccurate billing causes lost profit, our portal translates grams of colour weighed into £s

SmartMix combines tablet technology with electronic scales to provide accurate, fast, repeatable, professional colour mixing.

  • Precise colour mixing
  • Zero wastage
  • Repeatable mixes
  • Accurate treatment recording
  • Faster development time
  • Simple to use – SmartMix is super friendly being designed by colour stylists by colourists to automate colour mixing.

Taking account of hair type and condition, SmartMix calculates the proportion of colour precisely needed for each client – giving a bespoke mix and eliminating colour wastage from DAY 1 of use.

Reporting feature gives managers colour used accurate to the gram.

Making colour ordering fast and stress free.

Considering every gram of colour you mix on SmartMix is recorded, why not have access to an exact stock report that you can create a colour order from in minutes…from anywhere!

From your SmartixMix customer dashboard, you can have access to this amazing feature in real time.

SmartMix gives a stylist a recommended amount of colour to mix.

No matter how gentle your colour and bleach is for hair, we must keep it away from the natural environment.
The current options of down the sink or into landfills are the worst possible solutions for any toxic chemicals.
Over time, the colour and bleach leach toxins that form part of leachate.  Leachate is the liquid formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and water filters through that waste.
This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute our soil and groundwater, and become an environmental hazard for years.

Stop the creation of unnecessary hair colour by eliminating your colour waste with SmartMix, from the first mix and every mix.

The revolutionary reduction in waste will make your salon green.

SmartMix Data 2021

Over 9700 sessions 

Developer dispensed 294kg
Colour dispensed 187kg


We support all colour manufacturers!

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100% return on investment in one month, if we don’t save you money we’ll take it away!