Put an end to colour waste.

SmartMix combines tablet technology with electronic scales to provide accurate, fast, repeatable, professional colour mixing.
  • Precise colour mixing
  • Zero wastage
  • Repeatable mixes
  • Accurate treatment recording
  • Faster development time
  • Simple to use – SmartMix is super user friendly, having been created by colourists for colourists to automate colour mixing.

Taking account of hair type and condition, SmartMix calculates the proportion of colour precisely needed for each client – giving a bespoke mix and eliminating colour wastage from DAY 1 of use.

The new way to mix hair colour

  • Does the maths – No more guessing, calculates colour required, no more over mixing!
  • Stock control, reordering and monitoring
  • Save on colour spend 15-40%
  • Save the environment, save time, save wastage, save money!
  • Share colour mixes and reproduce previous colour mixes precisely
  • Calculate proportions and weigh colour to make mixing more straightforward
  • Record each stylist’s activity and progress for use in training and development
  • Remote training

Save Upwards of £130 per Stylist per Month

SmartMix is the first product in the UK that guides the stylist to a precise colour mix, every time.

By keeping a record of each mix against both client and stylist, SmartMix enables stylists to be creative, whilst achieving reliable, repeatable results.

HotMix is an additional feature, which directs the stylist to an alternative mix when the required colour stock is unavailable or running low.

SmartMix captures details of colour used in salon and provides reports to facilitate efficient stock control and re-ordering. SmartMix also provides measures of business activity and staff performance enabling salon owners to direct, monitor and incentivise their staff.

Monthly Reduction in Lost Income 88%
Monthly Reduction in Waste 78%
Return on Investment 100%
Reduction in Supply Cost 40%
Increased Income 15%
Monthly Cost Saving
Total £