£2.30 per day

1 x Scale


inc vat

per month

30 Day FREE Trial
Free Training
Unlimited Stylists
Technical Support

*wired scale & onboarding sold separately

£4 per day

2 x Scale


inc VAT

per month

Capture lost profit from innaccurate billing

Charge exact weight of colour dispensed

*WiFi connection required

*hardware not included

Our Promise

Set up cost neutralised in just 30 days

We give you 1 month to see the savings, then SmartMix is just £1.64 per day.

Once a salon has a SmartMix they don’t look back. The system pays for itself in 30 days by giving the stylist a quantity guide of hair colour that they will need for a client, the cost of waste prevented equates to £30 per week for each stylist.

As if this saving alone wasn’t enough, you should know that there is a benefit to the accuracy of upgrade services to be billed for at the till. SmartMix can link to your front desk system and update the client bill with any additional services or upgrades that they have received, ensuring that the client pays for what the client had.

Points to remember

  1. One month free trial that aids neutralising the hardware cost
  2. We support market leading hardware and reliable wired connections to avoid bluetooth interruption.
  3. SmartMix is created for salon owners by a salon owner.
  4. Full training programme is offered to every salon with additional remote eLearning courses.
  5. Updates and technical support provided.

A SmartMix will save you hundreds and cost you pounds

Full Training Programme

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